Lease-In List

Below is a list of producers wishing to lease in (borrow) quota, most recent from top to bottom. If you wish to be added to, deleted from, or moved up the list, please contact DFNS at 893-6455 or email .

Producers wishing to lease out quota should contact the producers listed below directly, and please remember to provide your address to the Lessee.

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Producer  Contact  Phone  Date 
Vermeulen Agricultural Company  Alphonse Vermeulen  902-750-1433  October 2 
Beech Hill Farm Ltd.  John Blaauwendraat  902-890-0127  August 28 
Karran Farms Limited    902-870-2017  July 17 
Aron & Elma Penner  Aron Penner  902-305-8538  June 20 
Jonathan Mundle    902-694-0968  June 16 
Autumn View Farms Ltd.  Alex Greenough  902-790-0013  June 2 
Broad Cove Farm Ltd.  Anne Crowe  902-369-2626  June 1